The association encourages lifelong learning by providing multiple opportunities each year. Each local chapter conducts educational and informational meetings and events throughout the year.

Topics have ranged from skill development, personal/emotional intelligence, to professional etiquette. Additionally, the State Chapter sponsors educational conferences where you can interact with the administrators that make the decisions affecting our working lives.

Be it through a keynote speaker, a small focus group, or funding for a class at a local college, IAWP wants to help empower workforce professionals with knowledge and experience.

Scholarships and Grants:

IAWP Financial Assistance Members interested in professional growth and development are eligible to receive financial assistance from IAWP. The international and state chapter provides financial support to members for educational opportunities through various grant programs. Continue your education with assistance from IAWP.

California Chapter Education Grant Program

The California Chapter of the IAWP offers the Education Grant to Local Chapters that provide training at the local level to their members. Each local chapter may apply once within the administrative fiscal year; the maximum authorized is $250. This grant is not available to individual members.

Review the grant application for eligibility requirements; please adhere to all items with special attention to #8:

California Chapter Group Education Grant 

Karl E. Bybee Education Grant Program

The California Chapter of the IAWP offers the Karl E. Bybee Grant to its membership. The Karl E. Bybee Education Foundation Fund exists to provide financial assistance to IAWP individual members OR Local Chapters to enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities in the field of workforce development. Grant requests can be approved for up to $500 or two grants per member per year, whichever is less.

Review the grant application for eligibility requirements:

Karl E. BYBEE Educational Grant Program – PowerPoint

Karl E. Bybee Grant Application for Individual Member
Karl E. Bybee Grant Application for Local Chapter

Group Grants

The W. Scott Boyd Group Grant allows chapters to present a wide range of educational programs to large groups of members and nonmembers. Topics such as computer literacy, multicultural awareness, foreign language instruction and stress management have been offered.

Individual Grants

The Logan S. Chambers Scholarship is awarded for pursuit of job related study at accredited schools. The program, available only to members through International, typically provides $14,000 for 150 grants each year.

The Freddy L. Jacobs Student Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to IAWP student members or dependents of IAWP full members who wish to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities. Student member grant amounts are based on length of membership and are provided by International.

Workforce Professional Development Program (WPDP)

The WPDP is a series of study guides and examinations designed to measure and recognize an individual’s knowledge of workforce development programs. The WPDP gives workforce professionals an opportunity to enhance knowledge and career growth. Resource guides and online exams currently available are History of Workforce Development, Business and Job Seeker, Unemployment Insurance, and Labor Market Information.

Certified Workforce Specialist (CWS)

The “CWS” credential after your name indicates that you have passed a rigorous, competency-based testing program from an international association, have experience in the workforce development arena, and that you see professional membership as an important part of your career. It also shows current and potential employers your initiative in developing, maintaining, and improving your career skills within the workforce field.